Question by  nandhu (104)

Why will my photoshop software not open?

I really need to work on some pictures and can not get it to open.


Answer by  pradonog (117)

Did your photoshops software works before this, if your answer is no, or you just use this program for the first time, then check the programs memory requirements and check the amount of memory your computer has. If your answer is yes, then check your programs for error messages (there should be one)


Answer by  MladenTrajkov (29)

There are a couple of possibilities. First, you need to check if it is correctly installed. If it is, then you need to check if there are any previously installed versions of Adobe Photoshop. Second, you need to check if you need any activation code to load the installation application file. Finally, you need to check your system requirements.


Answer by  alex78 (17)

i would imagine your trial has expired, try changing the date on your computer to a month or two ago


Answer by  thekingoffling (58)

The files may be corrupted. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. You can also try to open the program from the .exe file in the folder in Program Files. This is because the shortcut may not work.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

Sometimes a software will corrupt. Assuming you restarted your computer, in case connections weren't being made, re-install the software from the original CD/DVD.

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