Question by  Pcv (9)

Why is there red slime in my salt water aquarium?


Answer by  tweek (24)

Because you have Red Slime Algae or Cyano which is a common problem with salt water aquarium.It is usually caused by using tap water because tap water has phosphates that feed the algae.The best way to fix it is to ad water filtered by reverse osmosis because it will filter out those phosphates and thus starve the algae.


Answer by  rob (22)

This condition is caused by or a combination of the following: poor quality of lighting, insufficient nutrients in the aquarium water, low CO2 levels caused by low water flow and poor maintenance routines.


Answer by  William21 (13)

It's red algae. Its a type that lives in salt water, the same stuff that causes red tide. Check the ph and clean out your tank.


Answer by  Scott (109)

Chances are you have a red algae bloom in your fish tank. I would go to your local pet store and look for treatment specific to this.

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