Question by  Chrissie (266)

Why is my laptop not getting power?

It is plugged in, and I know the outlet works, so what's going on?


Answer by  e36 (170)

The power supply (the black box on the cable between the outlet and your laptop) may be broken - there should be a light on it, if it's not lighting up you should replace the power supply (but the laptop's fine). Otherwise, the laptop is broken.


Answer by  ztronicsalienware (13)

Either your charger is not working properly or there could be problem with your laptop's powerplug. Just check it completely


Answer by  Marie (778)

If your laptop is plugged in, but is still not charging, it may be time to replace the battery. Your power cord may also need to be replaced.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You charger or battery is not working right. Press the f3 key upon start up repeatadly until you get a screen showing that the battery is working or it is not working. If the battery is fine and the green light on the charger is off then its the charger.


Answer by  Caroline (45)

First of all, make sure the cord is firmly connected to the adapter box and your laptop. Your power adapter could be malfunctioning, or simply not liking the outlet at that particular time (Mine does this!). Try switching outlets. If that does not work, buy a new adapter.


Answer by  Superlady (45)

Most likely, it's a problem with the power cord or the dc power jack on your laptop. The power cord should fit tightly when plugged into the laptop. If not, the power jack may need to be resoldered or replaced. Or, you may need to replace the power cord.

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