pet health


Question by  KimberlyFuller (27)

Why is my dog throwing up, weak and drooling?


Answer by  sallyjane (125)

Your dog may have food or environmental allergies, has contracted a virus, or has been infected with parasites. It is important that you see a qualified veterinarian immediately.


Answer by  mcsaripkin (73)

Check the following: The dog has gotten too hot, he has eaten vegetation that is new to the yard, he has possibly consumed a pesticide or insect killer.


Answer by  gargleafg (34)

He might have a virus similar to stomach flu. He could have eaten something toxic outside or in the garage. He may have eaten chocolate, also. Go to the vet.


Answer by  redheart (29)

Your dog may have contracted a disease called "parvo". It is a disease that most puppies under 9 months old can catch.

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