Question by  onslaught (22)

Why is my auto air conditioning intermittent?


Answer by  pedro (142)

The most likely cause is that your freon needs to be recharged. You can take it to just about any A/C repair shop or even a lube shop to get it recharged. Another possible problem is one of the control switches has gone bad, which is easy for a mechanic to check out.


Answer by  gambrinus (34)

Two reasons. Either your air conditining coolant agent is low, or you have a leak in the ac system. A reacharge kit can be bought ratherly cheaply at your local auto parts store and done at home fairly easily. If there are further problems see your regular mechaninc, there may be a bigger issue.


Answer by  jcm (117)

The first thing I would check is the auto's thermostat that measures the ambient temperature inside the cabing of the auto. An improper functioning thermostat will cause the air conditioner to operte in an intermittment manner. The thermostat measures the ambient temperature inside the auto and may incorrectly indicate that the temperature is cooler that it actually is.


Answer by  ppremise (200)

The most likely reason for your air conditioning to be intermittent when set on auto is that it is designed to be that way. When you set the ac onto auto you have to set the temperature you want it to stay at. The air conditioner is most likely cooling the air to that temperature then shutting itself off.

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