Question by  Easyrider (43)

Why has my furnace fan stopped working?


Answer by  Darrell (316)

Unless the wiring connection where fan plugs in to the furnace has come loose due to vibration; the most likely reason is that the fan motor has burned out or seized up and needs to be replaced.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

The fan belt broke, the fan has gone bad, you need a new fan. The electrical element that runs the fan has burned out. Check the breaker for the fam.


Answer by  kevincai96 (669)

Well, if your fan is electric, it has probably "burned out. " This depends on how often you use it and its overall age. If its too old, replace it! You'll be better off that way. Alternatively, take it to a car shop and have them run a test load, if/free.


Answer by  tcat (769)

It could be that your voltage quit working.You could be running a voltage blackout. Also make sure that your switch is turned on . It will not work if your furnace switch is on.


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

there are many reason to stop working fan from working condition to non working condition maybe the wire got cut somewhere maybe the switch is not working or maybe the problem is with wiring or something else so you have to find out first where is the problem then we can solve the problem.


Answer by  matundura (83)

the most common causes of furnace fan failure include blockage of the system by dirty of insectslike roaches, failure by thermostat to handle very high temperatures, lack of power supply and loose wiring of the fan system. a blockage can be removed from the system by opening while a faulty thrmostat can always be replaced.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

It could be many different things. First make sure you still have power going to your furnace and that the switch is on. You may have a tripped breaker, blown fuse, bad motherboard, bearings gone in fan causing it to be locked up, motor burnt up, and so on. Get a qualified service tech to check it out.

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