Question by  wrestler88 (192)

Why do we have to sleep?

I realize it's to rejuvenate, but why do we need it? And why so much? Something like 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

Nobody knows the answer to that one yet, although plenty of people have noticed this waste of human time and sought a 'cure'. Sleep researchers, including the pioneering Dr. William Dement, have found that prolonged sleep deprivation causes an array of bad things: loss of brain function like being drunk, physiological damage leading to diabetes, death in lab animals, etc.


Answer by  beenthere13 (197)

Sleeping is the body's natural way to rest and rejuvenate after being on the go most of the day. The body has to re-energize in order to function properly and sleeping is the only way to accomplish this task.


Answer by  shalom (271)

Scientifically, we still don't know why we have to sleep or why we need so much sleep (i. e. , about 8 hours).

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