Question by  Darkrocker (25)

Why do I get errors saying CD not responding?

My computer will not play compact discs.


Answer by  Alex10 (58)

I think your drive is trying to load the disc and it's not able to read them correctly because of dirty lens. If you're lucky, the solution is a CD Cleaner disc, what you can buy in any computer shop. The unlucky version is a hardware problem with your drive, for example there is a broken mechanic part.


Answer by  FaiTechRooski (12)

This could very easily be one of two things - either the laser in your CD player is dirty or your CD is scratched or damaged in one way or another. Go to a computer store and pick up a can of compressed air, this shouldn't cost you more than 4 dollars, open your CD player and spray.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

In CD-ROM drive if you try to access either a CD-RW Disc or a DVD Disk, then this can happen. Try to Reinstall CD Drive thru Add Device.


Answer by  shantri (142)

"CD not responding" error is almost always cause by damaged or scratched CD. It's basically, our computer is not being able to read the CD content. CDs or Compact Disc are a sensitive form of data container. It can easily be damage and scratched if we don't take care of it.


Answer by  santhoshcomputer (41)

If the CD getting scratched more , the cd drive cannot recognised That's why cd is not responding , if we clean using cloth it may clear


Answer by  kaarthik (35)

this is some software problem or hardware related. you may need to open a computer and check the connection, upgrade it are re install the software then it will work. you drive may be dying

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