Question by  jdanielbelch (20)

Why do girlfriends have such intense relationships?


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

Women are naturally more loving and emotional so obviously the bonds they make are going to be stronger and more intense than that of a males bond.


Answer by  rolala (171)

Girlfriends can have intense relationships because they can easily identify and empathize with common gender-specific longings and issues. Girls are often better able to express these kinds of feelings openly to one another, sometimes on a deeper emotional level that can sometimes escape the typical male-to-male or even male-to-female relationship.


Answer by  savetheunlikely (82)

Girlffriends share just about every single detail of heir lives with each other. Through this process, they begin to care very much about each other. They spend a lot of time together as well, and this helps them to become very close. Additionally, as a general rule, girls are far more passionate about things than guys are.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

Girls have many more hormones coursing through their bodies that lead to stronger emotions and feelings. They are more intense both in romantic and platonic relationships because of this. Men lack some of those hormones and that is why they are more removed.


Answer by  Zeenia (53)

Girls, usually are extremely serious about their relationship. Most girls do not believe in casual relationships. Thats the way the are made. Hence, they are intense.


Answer by  sammy0415 (274)

Women are wired differently than men. They are more in touch with their feelings, can be more open with other people, and can make serious, intense relationships because of these qualities. It is just the way that most women are based on their biological make-up. It enables them to have powerful, lasting relationships.


Answer by  Simon (54)

Girl friendships are intense because there is the underlying problem of jealousy and competiveness involved. Although that may care deeply that want to win.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Girls are much more emotional than boys. Girls lean on each other emotionally and they need that support. This can cause more drama sometimes, but that is just how girls are. Girls also tend to talk more than guys as well. Girls need other girls in their lives or they will go crazy.


Answer by  Anonymous

Just lucky, I guess.

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