Question by  worker3081 (12)

Why can we not use our United States troop stationed in Germany for Iraq?


Answer by  patti (29325)

The United States has a presence in many parts of the world, including Germany. Military personnel on US bases in Germany is part of that presence. Given that various troops have responsibilities and assignments on these bases, re-assigning all of them to Iraq is not a practical or viable option.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

The U.S. military troops in Germany have a specific mission to which they are assigned. The military assigns personnel to make the best use of the training of those personnel. Most civilians are not equipped to advise how troops ought to be moved around.


Answer by  GetDark (67)

The troops stationed in Germany cannot all be used in Iraq because many of them have jobs that are not suited for Iraq duty. For instance we don't need missile technicians in Iraq. Additionally, we need to leave a force in Germany to act as a deterent to the Russsians.


Answer by  p1988711 (91)

United States troops are still stationed in every country we have fought a war in. The bases in those countries need the soldiers there and they can't all be relocated.


Answer by  beth14 (133)

Members of the Armed Forces are responsible for securing our freedoms and interests in many areas of the world. Germany is one strategic area that our presence is key to deter possible threats to Europe. Sending troops away from Germany leaves that area vulnerable for the enemy to do harm.

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