Question by  Anonymous

Why are you leaving (or left) your current position?


Answer by  maggie711 (285)

After two years I'm still not using my skills and initiative. Good money but a demeaning situation. I will leave while my skills and enthusiasm are still intact.


Answer by  Kristina21 (78)

I recently left my position as a telemarketer. The supervisors were extremely rude, the atmosphere was not a friendly one, and it turns out I'm not fit to lie.


Answer by  Amirul (20)

I need more money .I am not feeling comfortable to the current position.I want to do better. I want good envernment.


Answer by  toya (30)

I felt betrayed on the hours promised durring tranning.insead of 35= hrs i was receving 10 - 15. hrs. it wasint worth the gas it took to get there.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

I left because i did not feel welcome there as a person. The people did not get to know me and did not like me so I felt uncomfortable.


Answer by  bulldog8 (1)

i wanna play varsity but im kinda small...im 14...5'7....and 150 lbs...idk what position to play???any ideass

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