Question by  kaushika (17)

Why are the nitrite levels rising in my aquarium?

It's an established aquarium. I've had it for a long time. What could be causing this change in nitrites?


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

If you shocked your aquarium with the addition of a large fish, usually over 1 inch, or added a large piece of live rock, maybe even a coral. This would cause a significant spike in your nitrates. A partial water change usually solves this problem quickly and safely.


Answer by  Bunks (6)

Recently adding lots of fish, changing fish food to poor quality food, sick fish not eating, a dead fish decaying somewhere.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

More then likely it was spiked due to a hard hit on the nitrogen cycle such as a large fish introduced or even a larger coral that was put into the fish tank. Do a water change and it should go down.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm only learning myself, but I would be wary of answers that are referring to nitrates when your question was clearly about nitrites


Answer by  Alan58 (98)

If the nitrate levels are rising in your aquarium, this could be very dangerous to the plant and animal life living there.

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