Question by  GiorgioSironi (24)

Who makes a good vanilla syrup for coffee?

What does Starbucks use?


Answer by  quisha (24)

Davinci Gourmet vanilla syrup for coffee is a great tasting copy for a low price. Starbucks produces their own brand of vanilla syrup that can be a bit pricey so if you can give up the big brand name of Starbucks, Davinci Gourmet Vanilla syrup is a great choice.


Answer by  triberocks (62)

Torani and Davinci both make good vanilla syrups. They each have the regular vanilla and the sugar free versions sweetened with splenda. Starbucks makes their own syrups.


Answer by  LaneBrain (6)

Starbucks uses their own brand of syrup, which you can purchase online at . Another popular syrup brand that you find in many coffee shops is Torani, which can be found in some groceries stores or online from sites like Amazon.

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