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Question by  Chad16 (22)

Who does a jewelry tumbler do?


Answer by  mill (137)

A jewelry tumbler helps polish out scratches and rough spots on a bulk amount of jewelry that usually has just been casted.


Answer by  MTGrandma (405)

Rock tumblers use small rocks or grit and a tumbling motion to clean. There are also tumblers that use vibrations to clean. When cleaning gold or silver jewelry it is best to use a vibration tumbler and carefully follow the instructions in the book that comes with the tumbler.


Answer by  Purple (948)

It's suppose to clean the jewelry without you doing much. As long as it's safe it seems pretty inexpensive. I've never used on. Read on line reviews.


Answer by  maber (1427)

It is used to polish stones that were getting dull. The tumbler will take off a small layer of the jem and cause it to shine again.


Answer by  asdfas (280)

It's usually filled with jewelry cleaner, and gently cleans sterling jewelry that is tarnished and junky. They aren't usually worth the effort, since they are hard to clean and jewelry cleaner is hard to come by. It would only be useful if you have a lot of dirty jewelry, all the time.


Answer by  knowitall39 (475)

A jewelry tumbler usually contains a solution to help you clean your jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry helps keep it shiny and new looking for years to come. Just make sure to follow the instructions.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

A jewelry tumbler polishes jewelry by using a mild abrasion and tumbling motion to wear away tarnish and minor scratches.


Answer by  missv (26)

A jewelry tumbler is a machine that polish, clean an even make various types of jewelry. It helps to define the sculpture of most stones an is able to deliver a very smooth finish that is required to make the jewelry industry the most rewarding an keep customers satisfied.

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