Question by  mthlakshmi8gmailcom (14)

Where will I find the best prices for KL perfume by Karl Lagerfeld?

I'd like to find a bargain.


Answer by  msgfoster1 (13)

I love Karl Lagerfeld's fragrances and definitely know about finding quality for pennies on the dollar. You actually will get the best deal from buying it from your local drugstores, ie Walgreens, CVS, Walmart. You might want to look in your local wholesale outlet shops or boutiques.


Answer by  hihihihihi (7)

Speciality perfume sites, especially overstock ones, have the best deals. Be sure to take in to account the price per ounce and the amount you want.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

Usually the best prices can be found in outlet shopping if you live by anyway. Almost every outlet mall will have a designor perfume store that is cheaper than retail.


Answer by  JandV (5)

Two locations where I would considering finding perfume at a discounted price would be an outlet store and also an internet search. Outlet stores are not the easiest to find, they are not located in every state. It would be better, if you have access to a computer, is to search the internet for the best price to include shipping.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

The best place to buy perfume is at . You can get fragrances for half of what you would pay in the stores.


Answer by  ryhnobrez (30)

If you look online and type in google "KL perfume" you will be able to find hundreds of places that sell it and all different prices.

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