Question by  Nuxie (14)

Where can you buy cheap books online?

Books are so expensive!


Answer by  JimVanderswan (22)

I think you can buy cheap books at a popular website called Amazon, also there are alternate websites like Thriftbooks that sale books at great discount. If your looking for textbooks for classes then a website called Cheapbooks has discount textbooks.


Answer by  Sailorsuzie (36)

Ebay is the absolute best place I've found. There are so many huge booksellers on there that I've been able to find all different genres of books. If the book is over a year old, you can usually find it for sale for $1-$2 and then pay about $3 shipping.


Answer by  jangm96 (899)

You might want to try joining a book club. I'm a member of several online book clubs and as a member I get great discounts on books. Check out Doubleday Book Club. They have a great selection and awesome startup membership deals.


Answer by  gmun (603)

Try Amazon's marketplace for pre-owned books, or download kindle for pc and search for free kindle books where you can get digital classics for free

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