Question by  thooyavan (24)

Where can I get a new CD with the driver for my OfficeJet printer?


Answer by  diane (117)

I had this same problem not to long ago. All i did was go to the site of the maker of my printer. They had a page where you can download the drivers you need just type in the model number. Hit the Download button.


Answer by  Dave (29)

You can order a new CD from HP. Click on Support & Drivers, type in the model of your printer, choose your operating system, and then you will taken to a download page that offers you a choice to download the drivers you need, or purchase a CD with the drivers.


Answer by  arkadeb313 (67)

Search the manufacturer's site for the driver for your model and your Operating System and request them to send one.Otherwise download and write on a CD. Otherwise search forum like 'Driverguide' for your OfficeJet driver.


Answer by  fdsfgs (4)

You're best bet would be calling the manufactures number which is often located on the bottom of the printer. If they cannot send a cd, the drivers will be avaliable for download on their website.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

If you were able to get online to ask the question here on snippets... then you should be able to download the driver right from the manufacturers website. downloading from manufacturer's websites is a good practice, because it is easier to keep them updated than physical media like CDs.


Answer by  bumpkin (35)

It's better if you go to the manufacturer (HP) website and download the most recent drivers. Even a CD shipped with a new printer might contain obsolete drivers.


Answer by  vicky (51)

You can buy the new cd from the printers company office.You can also buy the cd from a computer retail shop.They will need to order it.It will take some time.You can also buy the cd from online computer shops.They will have all the spare driver cd's.

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