Question by  GAYATHRIT (10)

Where can I find the plots of different operas?

Someone told me it's more fun if you know the story.


Answer by  NickSharpisaBitch (103)

Go to any search engine and search for "Summaries of Operas". This will produce a few different lists. I think wikipedia is a pretty good source even though it can be changed by people. I did this for musicals once so that I would get better at the Jeopardy TV show. Good Luck.


Answer by  Micha (65)

Wikipedia is a very good source for finding plots of operas in a good amount of detail. Otherwise you can just perform an internet search, and you should find many sites detailing the plot of the opera you want to know about.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

You need to do a little research on this. Your local library may have a book on operas which you can check or a good general reference work. Alternatively you could use the internet to do a search on the opera in question and look for summary, abstract or plot outline for your chosen opera.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

There are books at your local library that are collections of opera plots. Also if you search the name of the opera in question online, you will find outlines of the plots. Operatic plots are complex--way better than a soap--so studying a plot in advance will help you to understand the opera.

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