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Question by  ecunicogmailcom (14)

Where can I find the best reptile tanks and enclosures?


Answer by  ashley31 (263)

You can find some good ones at a commercial store like Petsmart, but they are kind of expensive. You would probably find better prices at at online specialty store, you can try kingsnake but even though prices are more fair shipping makes them a little more pricey depending on where you live.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

The best place to go is someplace that specializes in reptiles in general. Most of these are small individual stores and not chains. Other than that try a Petland or Petsmart as they have a decent selection.


Answer by  CrimsonWolf (15)

Before you make a purchase make a plan. Different reptiles will have different needs/will grow to different sizes. I'd suggest a commercial store, but remember to always check for cracks or weak spots, it's not where you shop but how smart you shop. Quality over price, that's their home afterall.


Answer by  jarod (32)

one of the best places i know is a place called big apple herps. it all depends on what you are trying to house though.


Answer by  Gigi4808 (47)

As the owner of a Red Eared Slider turtle I have had the most success in finding the proper equipment I needed by looking up my local reptile shop. Since this is the type of animal they deal with every day they are able to give advice and offer suggestions tailored to your new pet.


Answer by  Deedle (30)

The best place to find the best housing possible for reptiles would be one of the reptile enclosure specialty companies, a lot of times you can find these at local reptile shows, or visiting the companies online website. You should research enclosure type by the type of reptile you have.

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