Question by  pinoot1976 (267)

When do I change the water in a ten gallon fish tank?


Answer by  MHugabom (523)

Regular small water changes are generally the best. It is a good rule of thumb to do 25% water changes weekly.


Answer by  SpaceMunkee (245)

You should monitor water conditions, especially pH, and know what the ranges are for your fish. It also depends on personal choice about water cleanliness, and what microorganism ecosystems you have in your tank. I had one tank that had gotten a healthy dose of pond water early on and it was twice a year, another needed monthly changes.


Answer by  Hoardy (454)

That depends on how much fish you have in the tank. For one fish, change 1/3 water every 3 to 5 days. For more, change more often. You might even want to go to as much as 1/2 water change 3 to 5 days if you have more than 5.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Once a week, 1/3 of tank water should be changed. However this is subject to the amount of fish you have in the tank, and the type of filtration you have. When tank water is changed, you should also vacuum the gravel in your tank to remove algae. Be sure to replace water with similar water (pH, temp, etc)


Answer by  withluck (1745)

You want to change out 10% to 25% of the water about once a week. You can monitor water quality with a test kit, making sure to watch nitrates closely. If nitrates are high, change the water more frequently until they are at a good level. Do not change out all the water ever, since that can harm the fish.


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

Change 25% of the water once every week for starters. Always use a dechlorinating products. Use water quality test kits to make sure that water parameters are within acceptable ranges.


Answer by  anglcrssy (212)

Your answer depends on many factors. Hopefully your tank has a filter. That will cut down on how often you have to clean it. If you have several fish in it with no filter, you will want to clean it every 60-90 days. Otherwise every 3-4 months should be good. Clean the filter every 30 days.

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