Question by  Radmul (19)

What's the best tummy trimming workout?

After I had my baby, I found it easy to lose weight, but I still need to tone and trim my tummy area. What's the best way to do this?


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

If you don't mind exercising at home a good DVD to try is Quick Fix - Post Natal Workout. This one really got my tummy and back areas into shape. It's great if you are short on time, because each segment is only 10 minutes long. Also, look for post natal classes at your local gym or YMCA.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

Good exercises to tone the tummy are curlups or situps. You can do these by hooking your feet under something, or using a situp bar that hooks under a door.


Answer by  h (364)

If you still have fat in the tummy area, you will need to reduce this before doing toning exercises, or you will not see the results of the toning exercises. I have found that crunches work wonderfully for toning the tummy and they can be done in several modifications.

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