Question by  caligirl (23)

What's a router?

I hear people talk about them but I do not know what they are.


Answer by  UpwardBoundPrecalcTutor (128)

A router is a device that permits more than one computer or internet capable device to connect to the internet using one modem. Most available routers are wireless and allow laptops and other wireless capable devices to reach the internet through your dsl or cable modem. Without a router, only one computer or device can use a broadband internet connection.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

A router is a device that does exactly what it sounds like, it routes signals. A router is always look at the best way for signals to travel from your computer to other computers. The router's job is to manage traffic flow of signals so they get there fast.


Answer by  fazt (147)

A router is a switch connecting two or more networks together. It is the device that determines which way a packet of data flows. It can be software also.


Answer by  Suds (20)

Routers is a networking device. It is basically used to send data packets to their respective destinations based on their address. (they do the jobs of a postman who delivers posts based on your address)


Answer by  mathivanan (84)

router is nothing but it is hardware device or software protocol, which is mainly used to select shortest path from one host to another host. also controls the traffic


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

A router is a peace of network hardware used to connect a group of computers. Typically it is used to connect a network to a single internet connection. IT uses software to "route" each computers requests for information.

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