Question by  Sandra23 (29)

What's a good 6-month anniversary gift for my boyfriend?


Answer by  AdamT (60)

Get his car detailed for him. Cleaned inside and out. Take him out for a dinner at a nice restaurant as your treat and then hit a movie or go home and watch one.


Answer by  gumdrop (6)

Buy a scrapbook and put pictures and memories in it and leave some pages clear to show her that your relationship is going to carry on going and so much more is going to happen.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

Guys don't really need "gifts". In fact, you'd probably be lucky he noticed you've been together 6 months. In fact, how do you even determine you've been going out 6 months? Skip the lame 6 months and wait for a year. I suggest a candle-lit dinner followed by hot tub.


Answer by  Kassidy (223)

If he's been looking for a game or cd or something in particular get him that, guys probably wont enjoy a mushy gift as much. If you want to make it gushy, try a wallet with a picture of the two of you inside. Also, you can't go wrong with cooking a gourmet meal.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

You can organize a good dinner at the famous restaurant in your place, and you give him a nice suit and a surprising kiss.


Answer by  Anonymous

add your own answer hereTHESE IDEAS ARE LAME.. something more exxcitinggg!!!! like idont knot some creativeee


Answer by  Anonymous

make him a gumdrop card if you are my age

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