Question by  bullseye (30)

What Zodiac sign is the best?


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

It all depends on the kind of sign you are yourself. Best at what is the real question as well. The best signs for spontaneity are air signs. The best signs for laid back people are earth signs. Fighters are normally fire signs. And the most emotional signs are going to be water signs.


Answer by  mrandy (140)

There really isn't the best sign. The only way to compare it would be to take required traits that the sign posses and comparing it to traits you value the most. Another way would be looking at horoscopes and seeing which of the signs is the luckiest current week/month, gemini and lion seem to be lucky this week.


Answer by  Flavia (102)

Having read a lot about them, it seems that a fire sign is the way to go, such as Aries or Leo, though I think each sign has valid qualities.


Answer by  ItalianButterfly (110)

Every zodiac sign has positive and negative qualities. Being your personal best, achieving your goals and doing what is right will offer you the opportunity to shine, regardless of when you were born.

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