Question by  chiarlei (3)

What would cause my beta fish to lose his color and act like he is burning?

I bought the fish and a 10-gallon tank 4 days ago. I dechlorinated the water, and the tank is 75 degrees.


Answer by  Spyder (7)

High levels of ammonia and nitrites may cause this. This is known as new tank syndrome. Get some test strips and test for PH nitrates/nitrites/ammonia.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

He could possibly have ick, however my first guess was that your tank is too hot. Bettas do just fine at room temp.


Answer by  chiarlei (3)

I put 1 small bag of rinsed gravel, the heater and a filter that I put on the lowest possible flow, those are the only items I put in the tank. The fish has been darting around constantly. He has lost his red color.

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