Question by  whitestang (20)

What will I gain from a poor fuel economy diagnosis?

Have you ever had one?


Answer by  Ziggy50 (34)

I haven't had one of these diagnoses but the mechanic will look for things that may be causing your car to burn more fuel than normal. This may involve checking spark plugs, fuel filter, etc. This will let you know what you need to do to improve gas mileage.


Answer by  coronato (65)

It will make you realize that your car needs a tune-up or repair that will increase the fuel economy of my vehicle. May also make your realize that your car may be out of date with today's fuel economy standards.


Answer by  spencerb (48)

If you receive a diagnosis that your vehicle is getting poor fuel economy you can start saving money in the long run by getting your car fixed. Better fuel economy means less trips to the pump. I have never received this as a diagnosis personally though.


Answer by  Pitz (29)

I've had one myself. You really don't gain anything except more money spent towards gas. If your car has a poor fuel economy this means that it gets bad mileage and is no more use to you. If the fuel economy of a car gradually depreciates get rid of it or it will soon be a nightmare.


Answer by  naveensolanki (31)

It will let me gain more mileage in the same amount of money. in other words it will let me know where i was spending unnecessary fuel and will put more money in my pocket

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