Question by  fish55 (17)

What was life like for ancient Roman soldiers?


Answer by  tcat (769)

When they were on the move they could travel quite extensively, because the Roman empire was large. So they traveled, often by foot, over mountains and through snow.


Answer by  spiro (78)

Romanian soldier was paid for participating in the conquests of the empire. If he remained alive was awarded with honours and received land where he enjoyed the benefits.


Answer by  boston003 (29)

Life was hard. They had to leave their farms for some time, and go fight in the army. Some of them even stayed in the army as a full time soldier. Sometimes they wernt even paid for their work. Soldiers had to carry a heavy amount of gear, and made walking tough.


Answer by  cinnyi (140)

Ancient Roman soldiers had to defend Rome and guard the city walls, plus they were also workers that helped to build up the Roman Empire. Along with slaves that were used to build places for the emperor. There was also a Calvary that road upon horses and defended the Roman Empire.


Answer by  Spase (19)

Hello!!!I am Vasilij!!!I think I can answer you that question!!!Their life was TERRIBLE!!!They had to protect the emperor for FREE!!!And they had to fight for FREE!!!Well that was the life!!!Goodbye!!!

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