Question by  Mano83 (2)

What video files can you play on a Mac?


Answer by  FMA (26)

Out of the box, a Mac should be able to play most mainstream video files. Any file not supported should easily be remedied by the many video codecs available on the internet. If you encounter a video file that cannot be played, do a quick search on the internet for the file extension's codec.


Answer by  dibangdit (17)

Any of Quicktime player's formats. Also, you can play any video file if you have the right video player software installed in you Mac.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well with the right player and the proper codecs you can play any video file you want. The hardware itself can't really restrict what type of video it will play.


Answer by  Scotty (68)

The types of video files that can be played on a mac is any kind of video file if using an adapter called MacApper. This is used to decode the video files so you can play them on your Mac. This adapter is a free application for your mac abeling you to play these files.


Answer by  Boban (40)

Mac supports various video formats: Cinepak, DV and DVC Pro NTSC, DV PAL, H. 261, h. 263, h. 264, mpeg-4, sorenson video, tga, tiff

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