Question by  homerj (15)

What type economy does Argentina have?


Answer by  JBFLA (285)

Argentina's economy is largely based on the service industry which accounts for 59.3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2009 according to the CIA World Fact Book. Their economy is unstable due to repeated government interference in the market. Public debt is 49.1% of gdp. The 2009 unemployment rate was 9.7%. The GDP for 2009 was down by .5%.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

The economy in Argentina has mainly revolved around the agricultural sector. A strong industrial sector is being developed and is yielding high growth rates due to cheap labor. The tourism industry is also a major sector as a vast number of tourists visit the region and spend a considerable amount of money.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think that it has a global chacha economy and agriculture!


Answer by  Anonymous

i need to know the same thing for my project.. but i need to know whether is a market economy, centrally planned economy, or a mixed economy??

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