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Question by  LMcCord (17)

What should I know about using poolcrete?

It seems like a lot of people have problems with this stuff


Answer by  GrandmereC (145)

I hope you really mean poolcrete and not pool-crete which is something completely different. The biggest problem with poolcrete is that people tend to mix it too long. It should not be mixed for more than 4 or 5 minutes otherwise it will stick to the trowel and be unworkable.


Answer by  MablesTime (138)

You should not use the poolcrete yourself unless you've got experience. As with most aspects of construction the rule of thumb is if you want a job to be done extremely well then hire someone who has both the expertise and the experience and references to create your pool correctly!


Answer by  MagicallyMe (37)

According to a contractor most people have problems with poolcrete because they didn't ask about using it first. There are a few factors that can make it difficult but if you avoid those factors it should work fine. Do NOT use poolcrete in a damp area when it has rained.

Reply by SookiesHere (119):
Well I think another common problem is that some cut corners when it comes to the liners. When doing the construction make sure the poolcrete is mixed well and that the liner has a really good warranty also.  add a comment
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