Question by  schilke (22)

What should I know about using 3 electrical lines with a GFCI?


Answer by  RyHeab (54)

When looking at the plug the white (common) goes on the left, the black (HOT) Goes on the right. The green or uncoated wire goes on the bronze screw on the gfci. If you are just replacing a normal plug it's important to know that anything on that circuit is protected by the GFCI.


Answer by  JBear (184)

The number of electrical lines is not the problem. What you do need to know is what the GFCI is rated for. If you draw more amps with the three lines then the GFCI is rated for it will trip. If you draw more amps on even one line it could trip the GFCI.


Answer by  Sparky101 (366)

The three (3) lines or conductors should be a hot, neutral and ground. When wiring a GFCI make sure the "line" or hot side of the circuit is terminated on the "line" terminations on the GFCI or it will not function as intended.


Answer by  lwetzel2003 (37)

When hooking up a GFCI you should use 12-2 wire which has 3 wires in it. The three wires are the black or hot, the white or neutral and the ground is un-insulated wire. The black is connected to the Copper colored screw, The white is connected to the silver screw and the ground to green.


Answer by  joemason (83)

In a typical installation you will have three wires going to a GFCI. One being the hot wire(current carrying conductor) one nuetral(grounded current carrying conductor) and the third is the ground wire.

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