Question by  Heeroyuy424 (19)

What should I know about taking care of yellow bellied slider turtles?


Answer by  AnnaS (123)

My yellow bellied slider has a nice aquarium about 60 gallons. I use an external cabuster filter system and he has got a large basking rock since they really enjoy that. I also have a submersible heater and keep the temperature around 75 to 80 degrees farenheit. Hope it helps!

Reply by Divalicious (99):
The recommended temperatures are the low to mid 80's for air temperature, mid 70's for water temperature and the high 80's and low 90's for the basking stone. Also if there is more than one slider turtle the aquarium should be around 150 gallons or so.  add a comment

Answer by  FluffyKitty (109)

Yellow bellied slider turtles are omnivorous. They like aquatic plants, carrion, insects and fish. The females are generally herbivorous preferring plants. The younger males tend to be carnivorous preferring the insects and other listed items. Commercially bred insects and turtle food will work just as well as anything from outdoors.

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