Question by  jeff87 (16)

What should I know about keeping tums in a reef tank?


Answer by  DixieDaisy (112)

Antacides such as Tums are Calcium Carbonate which will cause the water to use CO2 to produce Calcium, Carbonate, and Bi Carconate. Essentially it will make H2CO3 which is Carbonic Acid. In the long run the whole process balances out in the water and is going to be good.


Answer by  Annika5 (171)

Tums will dissolve and keep the water in your reef tank at a pH of 8. 00 or better. Not knowing the size of your tank I could not tell you how many you should add to it or how often. You could use a testing kit to double check.

Reply by BigMomma2 (132):
Best rule of thumb is one tablet of Tums per 10 gallons. I have a 50 gallon tank and use 5 tabs. In addition to helping the water reach a good Co level it keeps the water from getting icky and cloudy. You should research more about it though.  add a comment
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