Question by  worker84 (11)

What should I do if my infant holds her bowel movements and refrains from going poo?

I am very concerned about my baby, she seems to try not to go poo.


Answer by  npatin44 (258)

I doubt she is trying not to go poo, rather I suspect she is constipated and just can't go or doesn't want to go because it's too painful. You should try a stool softener suppository you can get at a local drug store.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

When there is every a health concern for an infant you should always consult with your doctor. It could be that she is constipated. Your infant should have one bowel movement a day.


Answer by  kgrim (510)

As long as the child is still eating and gaining weight she will poop when she's ready. Maybe for her comfort while pooping keep her off her bottom.


Answer by  scsofter (66)

If your baby's bowel movements are hard then she may be trying to avoid going to avoid discomfort. She may need something to soften her stool.

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