Question by  bk (17)

What should I do if my dog is puking blood?

He hasn't eaten anything bad that I know of.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I hope my answer is not too late. If your dog is vomiting blood, the IMMEDIATE and SENSIBLE response is to go to the vet NOW. Just like a human, this is a BAD sign. I REALLY hope if you were puking blood someone would take you to the emergency room. The same rule applies to your dog.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

Begin with withholding all food-- but, not water. (Until you can get in to the vet.) This may be a simple sensitivity to something in diet or an exposure to water-born bacteria in a pond with water birds. Vomiting blood is a symptom of many things-- But, many are serious.


Answer by  Tknight (273)

A dog puking blood may indicate a severe condition. Call the vet immediately. The dog may be bleeding from somewhere internally. This may be caused by ingesting a foreign object, a tumor, or a severe stomach upset. Vomiting blood is called hematemesis, and require almost immediate attention, especially if the blood is black or dark color.

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