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Question by  bala30 (26)

What should I do about a lawn mower cord that pulls loosely?


Answer by  fred19 (73)

Make sure the flywheel still has magnets and that the magnets on the outside are present. If they are both there make sure the flywheel gap to the magnets is the correct distance.


Answer by  jon40 (440)

You could try taking the recoil start off and checking the spring and rewrapping the string. Or the string is streched to far


Answer by  erossiiv (17)

First you should stop using the lawn mower immediately. Second, if you are somewhat of a handy person, unplugged the mower from the wall outlet and remove the casing where the cord goes into. Try using electrical tape or fasten with a clamp to prevent it from pulling out.


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

I assume you mean that the cord comes loose while you are cutting the lawn, and the mower stops. I solved this by wrapping the cord around the handle a couple of times. The occasional tugs on the power cord as you mow then don't pull on the plug.


Answer by  keepitsharp (48)

The pull cord is atached to a coil spring. If it won't pull back than the spring is not tight enough. The cord and spring are a housing that can be removed and adjusted. A local repair shop can do this for cheap.


Answer by  carly01 (33)

There is a spring in the top of the mower that pulls the cord back in, you should check that spring and make sure its still there and/or tight.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

That means there is not enough pressure in your lawn mower. You need to replace the tank and or pressure pump.

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