Question by  Bill23 (6)

What should I ask about when I interview party planners?

It's for my boss's retirement.


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

You should ask for references. You should ask how many retirement parties he or she has done. You need to ask what exactly is included in the fee and what is not included in the fee. You don't want any surprise charges later on. You need to ask to see pictures, etc. from previous parties.


Answer by  mmloomis (107)

I would ask them how many clients have they had and if you could contact them as a reference. Also ask what kind of themes they may be comfortable with.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

When you interview party planners you should ask them what they will do for the theme and what kind of entertainment they will have.


Answer by  kunkel (43)

Be sure to ask if there is an extra fee for setting up the decorations, or if you have to do it yourself. You wouldn't think you would have to ask, however, it happened to me!

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