Question by  jazziielavette (2)

What modern technologies have made it easier for people to drive at night?


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

More powerful and better directed headlights are an obvious innovation. Many areas have begun installing reflector strips in the midlines of roads so the lines in the road are visible at night. Some high end vehicles have infrared and ultrasonic sensors which can detect objects moving in the road ahead. Overhead flood lamps are installed on some major highways.


Answer by  mturk67 (15)

Projection headlights have a sharper cutoff so less light is directed at the eyes of other drivers. Some cars also have night vision systems and turning headlights.


Answer by  guy (107)

Automatic head lights have made it easier for people who forget to turn their head lights on drive safely. Different colored lights and lights with longer ranges also help driver see better.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Headlights on cats and bright lights have made driving at night much easier. Streetlights and reflectors on the highway have also helped a lot.


Answer by  Zach48 (50)

Technologies such as headlights that move with the turn of your steering wheel. They have increased the drivers visibility when driving on dark roads to avoid hitting any stray animals that may appear.

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