Question by  weeonelb (358)

What makes a salesman successful?

How much do you need to sell to be "successful"?


Answer by  Ouishoebean (7)

On a fundamental level, you need to meet your sales target. On a higher level, you need to do so without feeling guilty, and make your customers satisfied.


Answer by  mightyspidey (1080)

A successful salesman establishes a relationship with each client and prospective client individually. He anticipates their needs, and shows great interest in their success. A great salesman always follows up with clients on time, and stays positive even when having a tough time making sales. If he is lucky, he will make 1 sale for every 25 attempts.


Answer by  gnayler (7)

Customers are the key to making it in the sales business. Treat them like gold and they will keep coming back; often with friends. To be productive in sales, one must always be selling to everyone.


Answer by  Munawer (365)

Salesman's skills are not guaged by how much quanitity he sells but rather "how" he sells. Selling is an art and it involves tactful convincing and getting your point across.

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