Question by  johnny58 (16)

What kind of fish are good for a 37 gallon aquarium?


Answer by  suzierod (10)

Community fish are the best for this size tank. They can live together in a smaller space without eating each other. I prefer Neon Tetras, Tiger Barb fish, and orandas which will add color to the tank. Also kissing gourami are fun to watch. Algea eaters of any species will help keep the tank clean.


Answer by  jakeman0074 (79)

Personally i am a fan of schooling social fish. In my opinion this tank would make a great home for a nice school of mollies.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

I wouldn't put any fish that grows to be over 6 to 8 inches in a 37 gallon since it is only 30 inches long by 12 inches wide. Small schools of tetras would be nice such as neons and some cory cat fish for the bottom with live plants.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think a school of fancy guppies would be pretty. You could add some other similar sized peaceul community fish, like a few cories.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

A 37 gallon tank will be good for medium size tropical fish. Platies, tetras, angel fish or catfish are good choices. Keep in mind that with larger fish you will be able to keep less fish. Sometimes keeping a moderate size school of smaller fish is interesting.


Answer by  lyle (106)

a community aquarium would do very well in such a large tank. you could definatly have cardinal tetras and neon tetras, gourami's, discus's, anglefish, and molly's would work well too. you could also get some moderatly sized silver dollers.


Answer by  yaomingjr32 (120)

you could fill it up with some goldfishes or starfish. you could also fill it up with some real rocksfrom the ocean so it would make the fishes feel like they are at home then.

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