Question by  varex (330)

What kind of a workout do you get with kettlebells?

Is it better than a workout with regular weights?


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

They're not necessarily better, just somewhat different. The shape and function of kettlebells allow for more dynamic, explosive movements. They mostly help improve strength endurance, but if you want to increase strength or do bodybuilding, they will work best as part of a larger program that includes regular weights.


Answer by  DEscobedo (135)

Working with kettle bells is more beneficail than working with regular weights. With kettle bell workouts they will work out all of your muscles at once, they work all of your body and every muscle group gets a workout. They also will give you stamina and conditioning.


Answer by  windyt (96)

Kettelbells allow a person to work on several muscle groups at one time. The handles make them a little more convenient for certain exercises than regular weights. However, the same benefits can be obtained with weights as kettlebells, it would just be more awkward to do certain exercises.


Answer by  toottoot (192)

You will get a great workout with kettlebells, and because of their form, you will get a better workout with them than with regular weights.

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