Question by  purpelapple (2)

What is WalMart's target audience?

I find it interesting that so many different types of people shop there.


Answer by  meowMommy (53)

Originally, WalMart's target shoppers were lower income Americans. Next, bargain shoppers were enticed with constant advertisements heralding price "roll-backs." The way the United States economy has suffered in the past decade has driven most lower to middle class Americans to this store- myself and my family included with the masses.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Low to Lower Middle Class. They try to make it more convenient for people of a lower payscale by putting things such as groceries and clothes in the same store for saving gas and such.


Answer by  critesb1 (224)

Their target is just to get everyone in the door. Hope to have something that would draw all age groups into their stores. Wal Mart hopes to be the family friendly store.


Answer by  cool27 (5)

The audience to which Walmart is inclined to market is the middle- to lower class shopper that does not want to spend an enormous amount of money.

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