Question by  Leechang (10)

What is the tackle eligible play in football?

I am trying to understand football so that I can communicate with my boyfriend over the next few months.


Answer by  willard (874)

Offensive linemen are not allowed more than five yards downfield or to receive a pass. In order to create confusion among the defenders, a team can notify the referee that a tackle will line up as a fullback or a tight end and be eligible to receive a pass.


Answer by  falconsqb6 (54)

You have to have 7 men on the line of scrimmage, typically that's the center, 2 guards, and 2 tackles, along with a tight end and one or two wide receivers. If that receiver or tight end isn't covering the tackle, he is eligible to catch a pass.


Answer by  worker15 (12)

there is a easy way to tackle eligible play. pass one player to other continuosly will tackle that. so its the easy way to play football.

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