Question by  Vulture (47)

What is the size of a high school softball?

I think we have been playing with the wrong ball.


Answer by  Rachel411 (468)

A regulation softball measures 12 inches in circumference. Sometimes younger kids use a smaller size since they have difficulty with grip. By high school you should use the 12 inch.


Answer by  happy65 (57)

A regulation high school softball is the same size as at other levels, a size 12. The ball can be different in construction, how tight it is wound, but it has to be a size 12.


Answer by  Freckles (11)

11" is the standard size for fast pitch softball. Slow pitch players typically use either 11" or 12" sizes. The 12" size is the recommended for slowpitch.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

The American Softball Association ball used in High School is 11". The color of the ball is a florescent green.

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