Question by  sireesh (15)

What is the process for getting a marriage annulment in Oklahoma?

I need to get my marriage annulled.


Answer by  Clement (1453)

To get your marriage annulled you need to prove that you've been underage at the time of marriage, or that you or your spouse is mentally incapable of marrying, etc. You should contact an attorney as the state laws are changing and marriage annulment is decided by a court.


Answer by  Lynn16 (14)

Marriage can be annulled for same reasons as would apply to terminating a contract. Example, person under legal age or lack of mental capacity to enter a binding contract, fraud.


Answer by  Businesslady85 (32)

I believe you can annul it if it occurred under illegal means. If one of the parties can is mentally incapacitated or underage, then the marriage can be annulled. If incest occurred then the marriage can be annulled. You can also have your marriage annulled if your spouse is impotent.

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