Question by  Walter (82)

What is the physical sign for a Sagittarius?

I know *when* they are, but what is the symbol?


Answer by  stever (43)

The Archer is the name given to the traditional character for this star sign. It is based on the creatures known as Centaurs whose physical form was a hybrid, having a full human torso and the body of a horse. As they were depicted as wise and fierce the bow and arrow further symbolises wisdom.


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

The symbol for Sagittarius, known as a glyph, is a north-east pointing arrow with line through the barrel. In Greek mythology, there is a creature called Sagittarius that was a centaur. He was half man, half horse. This image is usually used to represent the sign Sagittarius, but is known as the "archer" and is usually pictured pointing and arrow

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