Question by  kimecoe (19)

What is the gay theme song?


Answer by  viclarino (11)

Over the Rainbow is the main gay rallying song. There is also There's a Place for Us from West Side Story, I Will Survive by G. Gaynor, songs by Freddie Mercury and Queen, YMCA by the Village People, and maybe a few songs by Cher, Streisand and other gay icons.


Answer by  jg82 (96)

I think the modern gay theme song would be "Take Your Mama" by the Scissor Sisters. This song is about a young man who finally tells his mother that he is gay, and how they are going to take her out to show her its ok.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dancing Queen by ABBA


Answer by  naturalmom (211)

I am not sure if this is the official theme song but I have always thought YMCA by the Village People was.


Answer by  Nancy (578)

This answer is a piece of cake. The first song that come to my mind is "YMCA". This song is a classic for gay music. This song may be an oldie but it's a goodie.

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