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What is the difference between turbine, motor, and generator?


Answer by  hegde (161)

A turbine is a rotor, which rotates when it comes in contact with pressurized water or steam or just wind. Motor is a device which rotates when electricity is applied to its terminals. It converts electricity to mechanical energy. A Generator is a device which generates electricity when its rotates. It converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.


Answer by  ramsahu (39)

Turbine requires coal as fuel,Motor requires electricity and generator requires diesel or petrol. So basic difference is fuel. Turbine and motor both drive mechanical loads where generator produces electricity. In turbine chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy,In motor electrical energy to mechanical energy and in generator chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

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turbines dont require coal as fuel. you can use almost anything (biodeisel, wood, garbage, oil, natural gas, etc.). all u need is something to heat up the water to turn it into steam which, in turn, spins the turbine.  add a comment
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try to answer correctly my friend or study again  add a comment

Answer by  Binome (1975)

A turbine converts air or water flow into useful work. A motor does the same with electricity or a fuel source. Generators produce electricity from harnessing kinetic energy. A generator can include a turbine.


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

Basically all are generate electricity but it work with different type of thing turbine work with steam motor work with water and generator work with diesel & generate electricity.


Answer by  brado76 (167)

A turbine is typically something turned by something else like water. A motor is a moving piece of equipment that needs an external power source. A generator is something that supplies electrical power. It is usually turned by mechanical power like that supplied from an engine or other source like the wind.


Answer by  Anonymous

motor: converts electrical(or thermodynamical) energy into mechanical energy; generator: converts mechanical energy into electrical energy; turbine needs further declaration: a (steam,gas) turbine converts pressurized media into mechanical energy; a jet engine is also a turbine - a compressor provides pressurized air, fuel & air ==> combustion chamber ==> turbine ==>thrust

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