Question by  P32nicky (73)

What is the difference between MSRP and the invoice cost of a new car?

I've seen dealerships list both prices. Which is lower? Will one give me a better deal than the other?


Answer by  pinklo (31)

MSRP, stands for Manufacture Suggested Retail Price, which is the usual pricing for Retail. The Invoice cost of a new car, is the actual billing cost from the manufacturer, which is much lower and can be used as a range for negotiating a better price.


Answer by  sharyl55 (19)

The invoice cost would be lower; the MSRP is the manufacturer's 'suggested' retail price from which you bargain from.


Answer by  saintsmaniac (10)

The invoice cost of a car is what the dealership paid for the car from the manufacturer. The MSRP is the price that the manufacturer suggest that the dealer should sell it for. The MSRP is determined by the popularity of the vehicle in your particular region.


Answer by  Ray31 (25)

The MSRP is the price the Auto builder is asking. The Invoice price is the Dealer price,for tranport dealer prep and add ons the MSRP is the best price.


Answer by  ng15 (115)

Buying a new car can be very overwhelming. You want to make sure you receive the lowest price possible for the car you are buying. This can be tricky with car dealerships using different prices to explain the deal you are getting. Therefore, with a little more knowledge, you can make a better decision when purchasing your next car.

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