Question by  karenavail (22)

What is the difference between an ESSID and an SSID?

I can't tell the difference.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

ESSID is an SSID specifically for wireless access points to which clients can connect. The SSID identifies the unique identity of the wireless connection distinct from the broadcast name. The other type of SSID is the BSSID which identifies ad-hoc networks, or the distinct clients and services operating in the wireless network.


Answer by  momofthree17 (9)

Service set identifier, or SSID, means all devices are associated with a specific local or enterprise 802.11 wireless LAN. An Extended Service Set ESSID, is a set of one or more interconnected local area networks.


Answer by  Deniemo (34)

SSID is a wireles lan network identifier,Extended Service Set ID ESSID is s the identifying name of a wireless network but more strictly that is more securily so there is no chances of conecting to wrong wireleles network.i think it's a evolution of SSID.


Answer by  kiarasheskandari (14)

i think essid for id card public and ssid for studend id card essid like driver license and ssid you can take in library and collage and essid for public

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